What is Deathly Ponderings?

This is a blog where we explore how death touches many parts of life and human existence. This will range from medical history, ethics, burial/ancestor practices, criminology to everything else in between. Posts will include opinion pieces, spotlights on particular specimens or artifacts, and discussion of books and/or articles of interest.

I think this death stuff is pretty weird/sick/morbid!

Not everyone is comfortable with the discussion of death and dying and this is a completely reasonable reaction to something that can be scary and upsetting. However, by talking about death more and exploring all of its weird and wonderful manifestations, we hope that we will strip away some of this uncertainty and allow for death to be discussed as freely and comfortably as any other part of life, seeing as it is something that we will all experience at some point!

We appreciate comments and feedback but please do keep it respectful and decent. If you disagree with anything, that’s fine, but don’t be rude about it.


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